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My name is Rebecca and I was diagnosed with heart disease in December of 2007. Had it been easy to find a correct diagnosis, my story would end here. Unfortunately, as in many cases, women are often given wrong information and left untreated. The first six doctors I visited were wrong. The pain wasn’t stress related, it wasn’t GERD. And it most certainly wasn’t in my head. If this scenario sounds familiar, this blog is for you. It’s time that women like us speak out about our experiences with heart pain. It’s imperative that we share our stories and knowledge with others so that the cycle of misdiagnosis and confusion stops. Most importantly, now is the time to become your own best advocate and find the cause of your pain. My sincere hope is that, through my experience, others will be empowered to seek better advice, appropriate care and peace of mind. I welcome you to my blog and to my life. Rebecca Fortunato

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